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Bloody Necks and Fighting...Please Help

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I have a male and female - they are about one year and I have had them for about 2 months. They bicker and nip at each other occasionally, but I've considered this normal behavior. I noticed this morning, though, that they have what appears to be dried blood around both their necks. This is the spot they nip at so I can only assume they're fighting? Why? I am so concerned...could they be sick?
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I would separate them immediately. It's one thing to bicker, but to actually draw blood from each other means they can't live together. That's dangerous. Losing just a small amount of blood can be dangerous for birds.
the fighting can escalate and you can one day come home to one of them dead, so please separate them they are not compatible
Hello Got to agree.. separate them....B.J.
Even though they don't get along well enough to live in the same cage, they will still have a flock bond with each other. So when you separate them, keep the cages in the same room - side by side is OK, although they will probably be fine further apart as long as they can still see each other. They can have supervised out of cage time together, since there is plenty of room for one bird to get away from the other when they're not locked in a cage.
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