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Hi All,

About 2 days ago i noticed some dark reddish colour in his droppings (blood maybe?). It was barely noticeable but I noticed because when he was about to do it his tail was moving up and down repeatedly (like mating motion). Also one occasion he nearly fell back like he was about to pass out but his facial expression was normal (that only happened once). And on the day it was like his dropping were not completely coming out. There is no red now and the colour looks normal but does anyone have any advice or past experience with this?

I am going to book him into the vet, but could someone help me with what specific tests I can ask the vet to do for a cockatiel health check? as many as possible please

Could anyone recommend an Avian vet in London (UK) with cockatiel experience? or that they have had experience with.

Some additional background. About 4 months ago, he stopped being able to fly fully as he did. I noticed a tiny bump on his wing under the feathers and took him to an avian vet who after I pushed for a blood test and x ray mentioned it could have been an old illness or accident that has damged his bone. He prescribed me with marbocyl to give him orally via syringe daily. After the blood test result he mentioned his kidney and liver function was lower than normal and that there was no sign of an infection. Then a month later my boy developed an eye infection. After applying eye drops daily it cleared.

My boy seems happy and himself but I'm worried there is some illness inside him the vet hasn't been able to detect. Also just to mention since the vet trip i've monitored his weight and hes around 78g (hes always been on the small side since we purchased him). I have been feeding him his sunflower, seeds, spinach, and for two months occasionally adding vitamin drops to their water. I've tried feeding them Harrison's high potency but he doesn't touch it. Yesterday i grounded the high potency food and sprinkled over their normal food in hope that it will help him absorb.

Any help or advice would be most appreciated.
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