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Hi everyone,

The day before yesterday, I think my cockatiel got spooked and I noticed a bit of a blood spot on his right wing. The bleeding was stopped. After doing research I believe this is a blood feather. My research said that he would eventually pluck the feather out and to leave him but just to keep a close eye on him.

Yesterday he was acting normal but I still didn’t see any sign of a plucked blood feather on the ground or anywhere in his cage.

Today, he has been squawking a little when he moves his wing a certain way. He is able to flap his wings and doesn’t show discomfort but squawks when he moves a certain way. I also noticed a bit of blood on his beak from picking at his wing. During one of his flaps I was able to take a peak under his wing and I noticed a patch of dry blood.

I have attached a couple of pics, any tips would be helpful?

thank you
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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