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My newest cockatiel, Beast, and his mate, Beauty, both got out of their cage. Beauty safely got back into the cage. However, whenever, I would try to gently pick up Beast he would start flying everywhere. So, when I finally got him to perch on my finger, I perched him on top of the TV and left the room. As told by my brother, my other cockatiel, Daisy, was also on the TV and they got into a fight. Daisy flew away and so did Beast. Beast freaked out and flew into objects in the room. I picked him up and when I look at him, he was bleeding between his nostrils and it looks like a little small feather/hair(?) has been picked off. When I put him back into his cage, he rushed and got hit by a wooden perch. A family member told me to leave him and the injury will heal on its own. This was about 10-15 minutes ago. Anything I could do?
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