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Blocked nostril?

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Both of Misty's nostrils looked a little blocked when i first got her, but she had a scratch of one side, and something flaked away. So that nostril is now clear, and i can see what a normal, clear nostril should look like. The other still seems to be partially blocked by something. Is this quite normal?

Sorry for all the questions... my first tiel, and i don't know what's normal!

Here's a pic.... nostril on the left is smaller than the right. But both looked like the left nostril when i got her:

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i understand you not wnating to take your bird to the vet, i was a bit nervous about taking jojo the other week, he looked to have a cold, by the next morning he was fine, i think if the cere is blocked it would be better to get it checked, i doesnt look too blocked and should be easy, maybe use a cotton bud with warm water and see it you can get it off, but i would say the vet would know better, i worry that if jojo goes to the vet and is hert or held he may become untame, as its not me who hert him i supose he wont, but please see a vet hun
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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