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Blocked nostril?

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Both of Misty's nostrils looked a little blocked when i first got her, but she had a scratch of one side, and something flaked away. So that nostril is now clear, and i can see what a normal, clear nostril should look like. The other still seems to be partially blocked by something. Is this quite normal?

Sorry for all the questions... my first tiel, and i don't know what's normal!

Here's a pic.... nostril on the left is smaller than the right. But both looked like the left nostril when i got her:

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When I got Jasper one of his nostrils was completely covered over. I took him to the vet for a checkup and he has what the vet called Hypertrophy of the Cere. Basically, extra skin grew and covered up the nostril (kind of like a scab). The vet just removed the extra skin.

If it looks like extra skin covering up the nostril then I would take Misty to the vet to get it taken care of. I would not feel comfortable using tweasers to remove the skin myself, if that is even is the problem. Jasper has been completely fine since his vet visit, which was way back in March.

You can see in this pic how blocked Jasper's nostril was.
Hi Flappy, I really don't know if it was painful or not (but I think it might have been). I had just gotten Jasper and he wasn't hand tame at all. The vet took him into the back room and I could hear him screaming the whole time (he was really angry and scared). Jasper's cere did look a bit red for a few days but he has healed up really well. I think the vet had to scrape the extra skin off Jasper's nostril in order for him to breathe properly. I hope your problem is a lot easier to deal with.
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