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bless little jojo, but hoenstly maybe a tiny bit anoying lol

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jojo can do our phone :wacko: now it a noys be at athe best of times you knwo when it rings and your on the loo, well he does the phone can tells its him but still a tad anoying, he is leanring the dr who theame as well lol, it a bout now he has his daily whistle and i started teaching him dr who and he has picked it up really qucikly, can only do the first bit i taught him but is doing soooo well,

just the phone becuase its ike one noise over and over lol, i think i might records him doing his whistleing its great totlisten to he does tunes i havent herd but he must have picked up form somewhere right
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thing is when they first learn a sound its veyr exciting and something to praise them about and get all excited, then after a while some noises can be a tad anoying lol, he can do the first bit of jingle bells :D learnt it off youtube lol
i am guna try i would have to doit fomr out side the door coz the minute i get in the room, he leaps on the the cage door expecting me to open it like trap door and out he comes :D, or draw birdge lol

yeha i will see if i can get the noises next time :D
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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