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Big Milestone today

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Tiki wanted his door open today about the usual time of 12:30... came to the opening, looked at the floor, I put his playstation in front of the door and he stepped out on it... tho't he was so smart... and he ate millet from my hand... I was so excited... then he moved to far over on the perch and floated to the floor. After several attempts to figure out how to get back up, he finally stepped up on the little perch I was holding so I could lift him back to the play station... that was enough, back into the cage he went... but for us it was a great day... I introduced a ladder to his cage, he tho't that was pretty cool and tried it out right away.

Little by little we are getting there...soon he will sit on my hand... I hope..
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How brilliant!! It is little by little, that's the way to do it, loads of patience. I'm sure Tiki will get better with every day now that he has made the first step.
It certainly sounds like he is beginning to realise that there is nothing going to hurt him. It must be really frightening for such a little thing to be confronted with a big human, they don't know if they are going to be safe or not. So, yep, I think he is coming on well and I'm sure that pretty soon, he'll be getting even more adventurous.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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