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Big Milestone today

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Tiki wanted his door open today about the usual time of 12:30... came to the opening, looked at the floor, I put his playstation in front of the door and he stepped out on it... tho't he was so smart... and he ate millet from my hand... I was so excited... then he moved to far over on the perch and floated to the floor. After several attempts to figure out how to get back up, he finally stepped up on the little perch I was holding so I could lift him back to the play station... that was enough, back into the cage he went... but for us it was a great day... I introduced a ladder to his cage, he tho't that was pretty cool and tried it out right away.

Little by little we are getting there...soon he will sit on my hand... I hope..
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Thanks, Patience I have... and I am having so much fun with him... Love watching some of the little funny things he does. The neatest thing was his eating millet out of my hand. Another thing he is doing that he hasn't done before is take a nap, both yesterday and today he took a little nap after his outing. It is like he is finally relaxing and accepting his new home.
Poor little guy had so much happen to him in such a short amount of time... he was taken from all his other feathered friends after being with the breeder for a year, had his wings clipped by his breeder, was put in a carrying crate by a stranger, (me) taken for a car ride, put in a new cage, then the second day I had him he had the poopy stuck to his butt, so had to have the disgrace of having that wiped off, which wasn't pleasant for basicly had to man handle him to do that... so has been a trying time for him. I try to put myself in his little shoes so to speak.. :) and yes, it would be very frightening.... so am very glad he is starting to feel more comfortable...
Thanks all for the encouragement. Had him out again, and while I was letting him have millet from one hand, I was asking him to step up with the other... :) He didn't quite step up, but put his toes on my finger... :) Maybe tomorrow.... and hes not trying to nip anymore...
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