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Bella likes music (A bit too much)

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So I put on the classical music station for Bella. She likes listening to it and I figured it'd keep her company while I get some work done. All of a sudden she let out a SCREAM and then went flying off. :eek: She landed on the CD player and sat staring at it. After I got over my initial shock I discovered she actually appeared to be quite happy.

They were playing an opera (Bella likes opera) and the baritone was singing. She likes deep voices. She spent an hour sitting on it with her head right up near the speaker. She actually tried to snuggle it and nibbled on the buttons. I think she was trying to groom it. :wacko:

No idea why she does what she does half the time so I wasn't totally put out. I still don't like her head being right against the speakers though. I'm afraid she'll hurt her little ears. First Carl Kassel, then Paul Potts, and now some random opera singer. What is up with her and guys on the radio? :confused:
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That is so cute that she likes music :) When I play a song Spike likes he bobs his head, whissles and says do do do :love:
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