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Beak worries

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Hi everyone, I’m new here and I’m really looking for some advice, I’ve had Harley for around 6 months, she was a gift from my dad who got her from a pet shop, he was told she was around 14-16 weeks old.
Harley was really nervous but quickly learned to step up and wolf whistle. She would only eat seed and was very timid.
I had had her two weeks when she suddenly seemed really withdrawn, the next day I came down to find she had either blood or vomit around her beak, she was shaking and not interested in anything. We nearly lost her, the emergency vet I took her to was not hopeful, they gave her a shot of antibiotics and she did pull through but I’ve always felt she’s a bit withdrawn. ‘ Ive adopted her a friend (from a breeder) and they get along fine but my new tiel is so lively and curious in comparison’
Ive always made sure she has toys, cuttlefish, etc but she doesn’t seem interested. The top part of her beak often gets really long. But recently I’ve noted some overgrowth underneath.
Also due to not trying or eating any fruit and veggies I use vitamin drops in her water.
I can’t seem to find an avian vet in my area and the vet I take my dog to just advised me to do all the things I’m already doing. She’s eating, drinking and vocalising fine at the moment but I’m worried. We would be really grateful for any advice.
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Oh dear, you are right, the beak looks very abnormal:unsure:. I would search for an avian vet who could take a closer look at it and trim it properly. There can be many possible reasons for an abnormal beak growth, one of them being a physical trauma (collision). Also, it sounds like she doesn’t use her beak a lot, but who knows, using it might hurt her? If the beak continues growing, one day she might not be able to eat anymore. I truly suggest you search for an avian vet although it might take several hours to reach one by car, and I wish you and your little fellow good luck!(y)

And it's great that you have adopted another cockatiel, they truly seem to enjoy bird company.:)
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