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Over the years, my almost 5 year old cinnamon whiteface male's beak has dulled from a pure baby pink to a muddier light grey mixed with pink. Now that I think of it, his nails used to be white and translucent when he was a baby and now they're darker too.

My almost 2 year old normal pied whiteface male's beak and nails are still pink and white, respectively. I was taught that pieds are supposed to retain their baby/female traits like the bars on their tail but that hasn't been 100% true with him. Not all of his tail feathers still have bars and his face has definitely lost a decent amount of the grey that it had when he was born.

Anyhow, it makes me wonder if my cinnamon's changes are normal for most males and it's my pied who is different? Maybe it's part of being cinnamon? Or, worst case scenario, is it indicative of a health issue?

Here's an excellent example of how their beaks are different, followed by closer pictures of my cinnamon recently and then as a baby.
Bird Eye White Beak Feather

Skin Bird Parrot Gesture Beak
Head Bird Parrot Beak Feather
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