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I posted the other day about having to pull their youngest because they (or one of the them) Plucked him/her, and how I was having a hard time getting it to eat, But the siblings were giving me a helping hand and feeding him/her as well.

I never gave up I made it open its beak for food, I always fed him/her last because I knew it would take me the longest, and the older 2 are well they're just impatient little boogers.

I'd pry his/her beak open gently squirt food in, once it swallowed I'd do it again until it made it very obvious it wasn't going to let me feed it no more because Nothing I did would make its beak open any more, and if i'd used any more force then what i was I would of seriously hurt it, And I wasn't about to do that.

But wed. it ate much better then normal (normally one or 2 bites is all i can get it to eat and the rest of the time he'd just let it ooze out the sides of his mouth. but even then I never gave up , Thursday he was still doing good on eating, he even opened once for me on his own

he was finally getting used to me and wasn't scared any more, at first when I'd remove the lid from the brooder to get one to feed it he'd take off running to the corner and didn't want me touching him. he was warming up to me, after he was done eating he'd walk up my chest and climb on my shoulder and cuddle right up to my neck and sit there and chirp to his siblings beside him in the brooder. I'd pet him for a few mins. then try to get him to eat more - sometimes it worked some times it didnt.

Friday I fed them breakfast, and about 45 mins later I got a call to go look at a house I'd called about to rent. I was gone all of 25 mins 30 at the most, he'd been fine after breakfast, they were playing , when I got home they were napping, but once the older 2 realized I was home they got all excited and started running all around flapping their wings like normal, then I realized they were stepping all over the youngest, and he wasn't caring he'd lift his head a bit every now and then but that was it.

I picked him up out of the brooder, and it felt like i was holding air :(
he couldn't even hold his head up, his beak and feet were pure white, I started balling my eyes out and a few mins later he died , I held him for a good 30 minutes balling my eyes out, I balled while I buried him. and I pretty much balled Friday away.

But I made this video to remember him/ her - he/she didn't have A Name.

and don't mind the date on the very 1st picture, for some reason my other camera will not keep the right date. no matter how many times I change it.

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