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Bailee Got A Manicure

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Hehe, i've been whining about Bailee's ridiculously sharp claws for a while now but with summer approaching and me wearing t-shirts and singlet tops those claws are leaving scratches all up and down my arms and shoulders. :rolleyes: In the last 3 days it's been worse than that - the idiot has tried to land ON my face. After a scratch across my eyebrow and under my eye and also one just above my lip i'd had enough so i towelled Bailee and got out the nail clippers. He was so squirmy but those nails were long enough that it wouldn't matter how much i cut off. He came out of the ordeal with his feathers all scruffed up and feeling very annoyed at his mean old mummy. However, with a brain that makes a goldfish look smart he quickly forgot and was begging kisses and head scratches off me. :p

Bailee must feel insecure when he walks i think. He grips on with his nails whereas Cookie's nails barely touch me.
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Awww Bea! I know what u mean about the nails. Ziggy's were SO sharp they went right through my t-shirt. I clipped and filed them so now they're not as bad but the thing is I gotta tell you. Baby doesn't grab on so tightly either but Ziggy really does. He's clentched on sometimes and Baby's always relaxed.
all of mine get sharp Georgie hates having her nails cut, Ollie is fine with it, haven't done Charlies yet we will see how she does, her's are a little sharp right now must do them soon ;)
ha ha winter here. I needs to pin down my bunch aswell. Or try aa few new types of perchs. I think i'll try the perchs first.
Or try aa few new types of perchs. I think i'll try the perchs first.
I have the perches. :p Bailee even sleeps on one of them!!! He clearly just has unstoppable talons!
lol. i have a few types. i'm gonna try a few more types before i go for the clipping myself. Last option is phone up the vets and see if they can do it for me. Probly be 50 dollar trip tho
Oh dear, I'm not looking forward to doing that!! It's bad enough doing the guinea pigs and rabbit, Dooby is just going to go mad.
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