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Hello, not sure if anyone will see this and reply back. I'm hoping someone reads through this and tells me their experience with their bird having a bacterial infection.
I have two cockatiels that were diagnosed with an overgrowth bacterial infection. One (Rayito, yellow face, diagnosed first) showed symptoms before the other. So he was taken to the vet first on Nov. 18th and was given metoclopramide, cerenia, and doxycycline injections as well as fluids and was given meloxicam and metoclopramide, as well as another antibiotic to give orally for 10 days but then my other cockatiel (Palomito, white face, seen second) started showing the same symptoms. He was taken to the vet on the 20th. They diagnosed him with the same thing and was instructed to be on the same oral medications. They were not doing so well, Palomito was doing pretty bad, the vomiting never stopped. I called and they told me to keep Palomito off the oral meds for 24hrs to see if he would stop vomiting but then had to be taken as an emergency because he was vomiting the entire day on the 23rd without being able to keep any food down. Rayito was taken too since he had also vomited but was not as much as Palomito, maybe once.
They were taken back on Tuesday 24th. They were given metoclopramide, cerenia, and doxycycline injections as well as fluids again for both. The Dr. said to stop oral medication for 24hrs and resume only with meloxicam and metoclopramide and continue with the course that was instructed on the bottles for both. They did not throw up at all on Tuesday (25th) and Wednesday (26th) until Thursday, Palomito did start again. Palomito threw up twice, once at 5 and then around 10 right after giving him his meds.
I promise that I am not doing it too fast or pressing the crop or neck when administering. I am doing drop by drop and holding them firm but gently, yet Palomito vomited. It was after the meds the second time he threw up on Thursday. He also vomited again the morning after his meds.
It is not regurgitation at each other or an object. He was expelling his food violently and shaking his head in a violent manner when he did it, where it gets all over his face and body.
I called again and they told me to just stop oral medication to rule out stress from too much manhandling. They did not vomit all day on the 29th of Nov. They had another appointment the following day and even though Palomito was starting to look better he again vomited on the 30th.
After their appointment they wanted to keep them at the hospital for one day for observation. They retested for the bacterial infection and the cytology came back normal, no more bacterial infection but they were still having the same symptoms. Mainly just vomiting and being fluffed up.
Palomito was doing so much better and was going back to his normal self after stopping medications but now he started with the regurgitation again. Rayito was the one that was worrying me. He seemed to have diarrhea, he didn't vomit on Sunday at all but he had had an increase of watery droppings, it was very excessive and it was also very strong in smell, pretty foul too which is why the Dr. wanted to observe them. Rayito is doing better but how long until he isn't again just like Palomito. Its been over 2 weeks and I feel like they made progress but then go back to not doing so well and I'm not sure what it could be. Because the tests show they no longer have the bacterial infection.

I'm just concerned for my babies because I feel that its been too long already and I did take them to the vet and they're getting blood results to see if it's anything else.

But have any of you experienced this before? Did the medicine harm my babies possibly? Can you guys tell me your experiences with bacterial infections in your feather friends.
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