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Our bird loves one box type above all else... The twelve-can pop box!

I've seen the question go unanswered, 'what is a good toy?', and also 'what is the best box for play?'. 'How do I get him something else to abuse?'

Some have discovered this box thing, as a really good activity for a Cockatiel. Esp males I guess. Some say it pumps their hormones up a little.

He has clipped wings, and this limits what he can get into and tear-up. But also leaves him with less creative output. So the box was an answer.

I also provided a rope bridge from the box on the couch to his play stand, food, water and other toys. This works for us.

We just find it highly workable to respect the box and our bird is pretty fine. Yes he will defend the front of the box entry. Mostly against me since he considers three things to be his own, my wife and those other two birds(her hands). But THAT is HIS man-cave, ALL hands OFF!

I am really glad to see they both are super happy. She, sitting there watching TV, with the box by her side. And coming from inside, little happy chirpy sounds. Pure bliss. She keeps a light cloth over it sometimes for extra warmth, and some quieting. Or if a hole happens and she wants to wait until the end of a movie etc before having me fix or replace.

But that box, yes, OMG, this is just wonderful for him, he spends hours in there ripping and tearing out the back. Yes this gives him something that keeps other things a little more free from beak-attack.

We drink cans of pop. And those narrow 12 can boxes are the best in 'his' opinion. But he can tear up a box in one day, usually two or more. As soon as we see holes in the back, we replace, or repair with used box parts. The nesting shreds are not a problem, just dump the box once in a while.

And from in there, sometime after 5pm. I hear R2D2. That means to me it's time to have the R2D2 translator app on my phone let him know, another day of working-in-the-mine has come to a close. He and R2 will talk about that for a while. He may even come out if he has a strong opinion about it.

What R2? Corona-what?,..THAT is worlds away! Dontworyboutit!
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