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Baby's influence on Ziggy

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So the other day I noticed he is copying her and making the kissy sound we do as our good night call and are you ok call..etc.. so now he answers back. I cute.. Well today I found out she also taught him how to when she screams he tries to scream like ears are ok for now:p but it's not funny when they do it together at the same time!!!
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Oh no not two of :p don't you just love when one starts the other or others have to join in...hehe
I think he's trying to get on her good
he would be wise to do so...hehe :p
My three all scream together when they hear someone walking up the hallway. :p It's quite .... err, well, loud! LOL!
I know that all to well :rolleyes: why is it when one starts they all have to :p Ollie usually starts it then Minnie joins
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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