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Baby Cocktaiel ! Pls help

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So my birds egg hatched a week back. There were 2 eggs , 1 hatched and is growing very healthy the other bird hatched after 2 days and it's the 4th day of the 2nd hatched bird. Since yesterday the 2nd bird is behaving abnormal. He can't lift his head at all and it's totally inverted. It's not like the other birds head or normal head. The birds neck is totally inverted and it hardly can stand on its feet, it only keeps rolling. Since the head is totally inverted and the parents aren't able to reach out to its beak they are hardly feeding him also. Since this is my 1st time iam not really sure if I need to take it to a vet ot not. I will attach a few photos, hope you can understand what iam trying to say and if I should be worried about this or not.
I hope it really survives, the bird looks really weak and i can't even see a proper crop... Iam really worried please help, I don't wanna lose the bird.
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Thank you for your reply, unfortunately the baby didn't make it. It passed away the next day. I saw that the parents had pushed aside the baby and it looked really weak. I immediately took it out of the cage and started handfeeding. After an hour or so it passed away while I was feeding it. It was really sad because it was our 1st time and we really didn't realise we had to take it to the vet. We waited for a day to see whether the parents could feed it but since it's head was totally tilted even if they tried they weren't able to feed it. I hope the baby bird finds a better place.
Thank u again for ur reply
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