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Baby cockatiel suddenly death.

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So I brought 3 cockatiel 3 day ago and all of them are fed 10 cc 3 time each day, but one start to closing it eye today and unable to stand on it own feet. Then it start to poop blood and died after a few minutes. I place the box in the living room that is 79 degree F and all food are mixed well. Who know how the baby died, please answer me. Thank
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And I’m sorry for the birdy
Have you had any experience feeding baby cockatiels before? Maybe you put the syringe to far in?
I have two budgie at home and they were healthy and I never fed cockatiel before. I usally let them eat it by themself, i put the syringe on top of heir mouth and they swallow them.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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