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Baby Cockatiel Sick???

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Hello all!! I just got a new baby white face cockatiel, but have noticed that it is fluffed up all the time, doesn't beg much, and shakes a lot. She eats a lot, and i have given her some probiotics over her seed and water. I also mixed some water and honey together, as she was also panting; which may be due to dehydration? Any suggestions?? She does seem to be doing a little better than when i first got her. She is also not moving around a lot and is pretty slow. I also can’t get to the vet right now, because there is no avian vet near me, and is too expensive!!! Just spent $10,000 on my dog, only for him to be euthanized :( My baby bird has also not being begging, instead she does small little baby chirps that sound like screaming but cut off really short, any advice??
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If this is a new bird it’s completely normal for them not to drink or eat for a couple day if you moved them maybe they are getting Used to the environment but still nervous my cockatiel doesn’t eat much either maybe 3-5 times a day other than snacks here and there she also doesn’t beg for anything besides pets time to time
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