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Hi guys,

I've been reading a lot on this forum the last past days, since I'm newly a mom of a baby cockatiel that was rejected by its parents on day 1. This is my first time hand-feeding a cockactiel, I think I've been doing ok since now. The baby is 11 days old today. I was wondering if ithe crop was maybe too large, do you guys think I should make a crop bra for him? I think I may have overfed him at the beggining considering he was not taking any weight the firsts days. Now he's 32g and he gains more grams everyday so its a relieve, but I really am wondering about his crop since it doesn't empty at night. The color of the crop seems ok to me, and the veins seem ok too, they are not thick. Also, the poops are good too. Would you guys make a crop bra for this baby?

Thank you all for your help!

(I usually speak french, so I'm sorry if there is some errors in my writting)

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