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Hi first time posting here, I'm crop feeding a 3-4 weeks old cockatiel via syringe and he doesn't like it at all, even if he was screaming for food he stops and he runs away as soon as I show him the syringe so I have force feed him, I've tried the spoon, but he doesn't like either.
Although He did like dry formula out of a spoon.
2-3 days ago he started to ignore me due to me holding him when he doesn't like it, but sometimes if I offer him scratches he accepts and lean into my hand.
He loves eating fruit and starts begging for them, I've fed him watermelon, apple, banana, ect.
He tries to eat millets but never cracks them opened.
I've also weighted him on a gram scale
1st reading 4 days ago: 50g
2nd reading 3 days ago :51g
3rd reading 2 days ago: 49g
4th reading today: 52g

I'd also like to mention that he has trichomoniasis ( white fungicides in his mouth) we took him to the vet and they gave us droppings.
Now the fungicides are disappearing since I've been giving the drop 4 times a day, twice a morning, and twice in the evening.
Crop feeding him started getting harder due to him becoming stronger.
Would switching his diet to only fruits be healthy? I don't think so since l think the formula has so much nutritions that fruits won't be aible to provide
Or should I start giving him the formula dry, would that be okay?
Please tell me what you guys think.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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