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Hello all...
I hope you all can help me out. I bought a new baby cockatiel a week ago. He is KIWI. Kiwi is 21-24days old. I will attach his picture. I notice since 3-4 days his crop is not empty before his morning feed. Its not even 1/2 empty. It worries me a lot. In UAE there is no proper avian vet available. Please help me out. I love him so much.
Does he need a crop bra?? I never overfeed him. I give only 7-9ml a feed. I dont think i can even get the meds here. The pictures i habe attached are befor the morning feed. His schedule is 3 feed a day. 6-6-12hourly. Its almost past 12 hrs and still such. His crop is having movement contraction and all. No yeasty smell. Is there a way i can make a crop bra with normal cloth for him?? He has pooped a lot since as usual. So i believe his bowel movements are good. I am so lost and helpless. Please help out.
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