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Baby cockatiel can’t walk

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So i’ve Noticed one of my baby cockatiels isn’t developing right.
It’s smaller than the rest, and can’t walk.
The parents feed the baby regularly so i don’t understand why it isn’t growing, could it be a runt?
Also i don’t understand why it can’t walk, I’m taking her to the vet soon.
All she does is just lay there and won’t move. It makes me sad but this little one is staying with me, I will provide a comfy life for her.
But any advice?
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Do her legs look normal or do they stick out to the side? If they stick out to the side all the time she has splay leg. This can be corrected if it's caught early enough.

Do her toes seem normal or do they seem weak? Malnutrition can cause permanent weakness in the toes, and if she's smaller and not developing right then she's either not getting enough food from the parents, or for some reason she isn't able to process the food normally and isn't getting enough nutrients from it.
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