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Hi everyone:)

My son is handraising some baby cockatiels - he bought them and their parents on 15/8 and the 3 chicks were about 2 weeks old. The parents stopped feeding them so he is hand raising the three of them. So we estimate they are 6-7 weeks old. We live in Sydney Australia.

One of them is still quite sleepy at periods during the da7 and he feels it is underweight. It weighed 71.3 g (it's siblings weighed 80.9 and 76.9 respectively) when he weighed it the other day. He is worried it has worms due to the sleepiness. He hasn't weighed them before so we have no comparison.

I have done some research and I found that you should not worm under 12 weeks. The bird eats seed and millet (it's on 2 feeds a day of formula and has seed and millet in its cage). It takes a reasonable amount of formula and doesn't seem a fussy eater.

Not sure what to do here - any help would be great:) We are in lockdown so I am trying to avoid going out as Covid is nuts here.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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