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Awfully quiet.

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A few weeks ago, I got my cockatiel(Daisy) morning groomed for the first time. My cockatiel is about 8 months old They did her wings and nails. Before then, she used to make a lot of noise, play, and basically she was super active. She also hated constantly being on her cage. Now, she sits on her cage and never really does anything. Plus, she gets super annoyed when she’s not near her cage. She always shakes herself off, she puffs up, and her tailwags a lot and her crest is usually in one that states that she’s happy. It’s been weeks since she got groomed and she hasn’t returned back to her active behavior. Is she okay? Is this behavior normal?

Side note:
She’s always like this;


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At just 8 weeks old, I'm sure she got a little upset with all that sudden attention getting groomed. She probably just hasn't gotten over it yet. She's a pretty whiteface female.
After four days without a response, I doubt she cares at this point.
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