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Attention All Members We Must Vote!!

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Hi everyone,
As some of you may have noticed, at the bottom of Bea's signature there is a website >><<click to vote :D

It is to vote for the top bird forum:D Go TALK COCKATIELS, up to now talk budgies are at the top:( But if we went to NUMBER 1 we would get more members:) YAAY!!


From Sophia
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I try to vote everyday by using the little cockatiel at the bottom of the cage. It takes you to the same link as you posted. We used to be 1st, but TB do have a lot more voters than us. I don't really mind whos first though lol because I'm in both forums! :D
I vote everyday faithfully :D usually when I am done reading the posts I go there on my way out ;)
I vote before I leave the page..I do forget sometimes. Just did it now for today.
I do it when i leave the page too. Remember that talk budgies and talk cockatiels are related forums, so it really doesn't matter who's first and second. ;)
I voted, but I thought you could only vote once?

it really doesn't matter who's first and second. ;)
It doesn't matter really, but I am a member of this forum & TB:D I just thought that we would get more members if we were first:)

Keep voting Everyone :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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