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Aspiration question

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Just for future info and knowledge. How would I know if a bird aspirates? What do I look for while hand feeding? I am using a syringe for hand feeding. I have a piggy 24 day old cockatiel and does not want to come up for air.
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The food is filling up his crop so I imagine it is going where it is supposed to!
Can any cockatiel raisers help me understand the feeding schedule. My baby 25 days sleeps overnight crop empties cause I stop feeding at 11:00. But if I feed him at 6-7 by 11-12 his crop is about empty then 4-5 again 10-11 the last of the day. He is eating any where from 9 to 10 ml per feeding. But I weighed him this morning he weighed 49.05 grams. Is he normal. Any suggestions? Do I just go off his crop and feed him on this schedule he is growing and thriving. I am feeding him Exact Kaytee. I use 1 TBSP to 1TBSP of of water and 1TBSP of coconut water/ organic heated to around 106*. Syringe feeding.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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