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HI---I have a one year old cockatiel male called EAGLE. He has been sick about 4 months, I finally figured out after a few trips to different vets that he has ASPERGILLOSIS. I've been treating him with anti fungal med, for about 5 weeks, and he has gotten better. I know he has suffererd from this for about 4 months. He is about 50 to 60% better to where he was at before. My questions is--"How long will he have this illness? " Progress has been very slow and he is still weak and has a hard time balancing himself, and kind of quiet. He was really bad 2 months ago where the vets thought he wouldn't make it but with my constant force feedings (home made), and daily weight measures, have told me I'm doing the right things. I hear this may take months to recover from. Any info would be apprieciated.
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