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Are these woods great for perches and toys? If not I need help!!!!

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I live in a rural area and was planning on making the toys and perches myself. Only one problem however.... The only trees that are easy to identify are apple and birch. This wouldn't sound like a problem BUT I was reading online that both of these are typically hardwoods. I read at some point that cockatiels prefer soft woods so they can chew it apart and if they can't chew it apart they won't play with it.

Anyone use these woods for their cockatiel? Do they chew through it just fine? Do I need to find other woods?
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hey i don't think cockatiels would like that, my 4 month old lutino likes the outer layer of the branch but when he comes to the inner layer that i cant chew on, he get frustrated and throws the toy from the table and goes crazy for a hot minute
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