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Hi to everyone,
My cockatiel is regurgitating, I know it can be many causes. We are far away from vets. I took her to a vet, gave me Baytril, but no culture which is not good. She felt worse from the antibiotic (oral) so I stopped it after 3 1/2 days because of this. She was supposed to be on it 10 days. I contacted another vet made sure they do cultures more comprehensive clinic, but that appt isn't until Monday. I cannot get her anyplace before then. She acts well otherwise. She eats, is hungry, but it's hard for her, she gets some food down. I know all the horror stories of the what if's my question is how long would she have to be off the antibiotic so the other vet can get an accurate culture. Since antibiotics are sensitive to the specific bacteria, am watching her to see if I should put her back on for a few days BUT have to see.. want the vet who is supposed to see her Monday to be able to do a proper culture... so how many days.. yes will be getting an ex ray too, I'm sure the works. I hope she can hang in there.
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