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Normal grey split to pied
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UGHHHH, i think ants are the most annoying insects known in the human world! Luka my normal grey split to pied 2-3 months old tiel is very messy he throws seed shells EVERYWHERE honestly i dont have any problem with him being messy but the problem is HE GATHERS MILLIONS OF ANTS they are everywhere! On the floor,on the table where the cage is AND EVEN IN THE CAGE TRAY! I just saw an ant a few second ago carrying a tiny piece of sunflower seed shell i really dont know what to do. I clean the cage and its surroundings once a day, i think i should start cleaning it when i wake up and before i sleep. Any tips or advice to STOP THIS VERY ANNOYING ANTS!?!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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