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When do Cockatiels usually go through their second molt? I have a male pearl who still has some of his pearling. I was told when I got him that he was one of last years babies. He is feeling his oats and is quite the little Romeo and has been through one molt so I figure he's over 6 months. If someone could give me a ballpark idea of when the second molt occurs I would have a better idea of his age.
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Yup, i think that the general pattern is that they moult every 4-6 months - i swear it feels like mine go more often than that though!! Feathers everywhere!!! :eek:

With a little moult in between the big moults, and in between the little moults...they lose feathers!!! I swear I could have stuffed a duvet if I'd have saved all the feathers!!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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