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Another moulting question????

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OK so Ella is like 13 weeks old or somthing...and when she fluffs and shakes her feathers (you know like when she is happy)...lots o little bits of stuff and feathers come flying out and go all over the room...just wondering if she is moulting or if it is normal??????
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That is not molting. It is normal tiels are very dusty birds, baths will help with the dust. When they molt they lose whole feathers. Hope this helps a bit I have got to work see you later :p sorry for the short explanation. ( I work to much right babyluv ;) )
Yup- tiels do have alot of dust- spike pretty much said it. If there are little white puffs and dust all over after preening it's normal-when feathers start falling then she's molting.
ok...that is what I kinda thought but I was not sure...thanks!!!!!!!!
I just wanted to add that the name for the dust is powder down, most large parrots and cockatoos have it (and cockatiels are the cockatoos little cousins). After preening on your shoulder, it will look like you have a very serious case of dandruff. ;)
hehe a very serious case of dandruff *rofl*
Baths will help I give Earl and Little Bill a bowl of water once a week then they are not as dusty.:D:D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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