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I realized I never did a whole update here.

She had her check-up appointment yesterday and seems to be doing really well! Despite laying an egg on the 31st she is in good health, and her weight is lovely.

I made a fake egg out of clay (non-toxic, childrens) and that seemed to fool her. To be safe, I added another one today...they are different sizes though so I think I'll leave it at that. She also got a new perch, which she finds very scary, and a new toy, which she loves.

She is no longer on any medication but she will have to get calcium on her food every day from now on, per vet instruction.

Otherwise, not much to was a very frightening experience, though. I had never heard of a hen becoming egg-bound when they weren't a chronic layer (she hadn't laid in nearly two years) but here we were. Thankfully she passed the second one, and we hope she decides she doesn't care much for children anymore. :cinnamon:
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