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An update on Dooby...

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5 pics! This is Dooby, this morning, just messing around on my desk...oh yeah, please ignore the Theme Park Game, I could make an excuse about it not being mine, but that would be a lie. LOL!!

Dooby in a basket!! She was having a really good time wrecking that, so much so that when I put my hand down to her, I was nearly shredded as well!!

I weighed Dooby yesterday, she weighs that good?
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hehe.....its ok!! I love those kind of games to....:p
hmmm I see alot of yellow on HIS what a cutie
Cockatiels usually weigh between 75-105g average weight of an adult cockatiel is usually 80-95g
Oh that's ok then........I won't have to cut down on her roast dinners yet. LOL.

You're still absolutely sure Dooby is a he? Well, Dooby is saying "Good girl" "Clever girl" so clearly now....oh dear!!! I think I'll teach Dooby to say "I'm a boy!!"
Just a that for age??? :p

Dooby looks to have a lovely YELLOWISH face. LOL!! He looks to be such a curious and happy boy. :D
Just a that for age??? :p

:eek: Yes.


I'm just beginning to think that Dooby MIGHT be a boy!!
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I weighed Dooby yesterday, she weighs that good?
Just saw this, like Laura said this is a good weight. Dooby and Cookie weigh about the same! :D
Just a that for age??? :p
LOL!!! hehe!!

Doody is such a gorgeous guy!!! Looks like he is having a lot of fun with his basket...:D :D
Dooby is adorable! These pics confuse me...the first one looks like a boy..the last few make me want to say girl..I see your
Oh now.....don't you start that all over again!! LOL.
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