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Today is such a amazing day! Billy who is young cockatiel born in my house did his first free flight outside in my backyard.
Billy is very attached to me, so, I decide to do some recall and free flight training. To me, it's all a dream to my pet birds can free flight outdoor.
Today, I put Billy in travel cage, took him to my backyard as I was used to do. He just kept jumping inside of cage and wait out of cage. I know he responses to recall very well. I decide give him a chance. He steps out of cage and stood on my finger for a minute, then, he took off, and cycled the house for 6 or 7 times, then, I called him, he started to descended while cycling in air. Apparently, he did not master the descending flight yet. He miss me three times before landed on grape vine. I called him again, he took flight again, he did successfully land on my shoulder this time. I carried Billy inside house, give him a reward treat, then, came back to my backyard while Billy still standing on my shoulder. Billy standing on my shoulder for about 10 minutes while I did some light garden work, before I put back him to cage. Billy is such an amazing bird, I am so proud of him. I am so excited today, finally the dream came to true. I did not take any video, hopefully I will be able to do so the future. Just take a picture outdoor after fight when he standing on my hand.

Billy the Free Flight Lutino Cockatiel by BulbYu, on Flickr
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