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After all these months, I have more good news.
Alphi fully recovered ((as I had explained in another post, he was injured by a ring placed very badly in the shelter from I got him, which almost made him lose a leg) and with Calina, both have been revealed excellent parents.
Now I have five chicks, which I feed with the parents. In winter they made a brood of 4 that I already gave away. Calina is pied and Alphi is wild. Normally all chicks become wild because pied is recessive. They all even inherit the crossed wings of Alphi. However, in this brood, one chick has come out, the 4th...Albino! I think it's a fortuitous mutation.
Now there is a problem, and that is that in my region it is forbidden since last summer to put small advertisements of sale or gift of animals. It's an idiot law because I have to let them breed at least once a year, otherwise Calina get sick of laying eggs non stop. I have contacted the rescue so that if they know of someone who loves them, I will give them to them. However, I'm going to keep the albino and the little one.


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