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almost another tiel

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ok i went to chatham today wich is 1.5 hour away saw the most gorgious tiel i talked to the clerk she said they were hand fed and are tame so they let me give it scritches and that so i said i would come back on the way back to sarnia i asked how much they wanted $140.00 i was ok with that and i was going down the aisle and i was touched bye this gentle man said all there birds were just treted for a bird desease and all there finches are in seperate cages but the size is 12x12x12 so i,ll just wait to get one in the spring from my breeder i no finches are small but they need room to fly:eek: :tiel5:
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Yikes sounds like a bad pet store. Hope you washed up after getting home.
Thats good there should be signs about the birds being sick. Good thing the guy was there to let you know.
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