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Alleviating Stress

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I suspect Sawyer is a little stressed out. The watery droppings are what's tipping me off. Other than those, he's acting normal. He's still on the window sill right now, checking out the great outdoors which he seems to like (we had no windows in the basement apartment I was in previously, so natural light is a welcome change).

Yesterday morning, I moved clear across the country (Calgary, AB to Toronto, ON), so I had all four of my birds on the plane with me. They've all arrived safe and sound, but I'm sure the flight itself wasn't all that pleasant for them (though it wasn't for me either, having to worry about them the whole way :blush:).

So I was going to ask if there was any way to alleviate that stress, but I'm not sure there is, aside from giving it time... so my other question would be... what would there be to watch for to make sure it doesn't get any worse? :)
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I would give it a few days to see if it goes away (much like when you bring a new bird home), i'm sure he'll be fine as he starts to settle into the new home. :)
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