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Here's some photos i took yesterday! :D

ALL the little fids in one photo, i'm very proud of myself! ;)

Now for a few of Mr Snickers...

He's becoming my personal preening assistant, obviously i can't do a good enough job on my own!

Bailee having a scratch!

Cookie having a preen...under the watchful eye of my Patrick Star sticker

Speaking of Cookie, she laid another egg today. :rolleyes:

Blinkie giving me a dirty look.

Blinks scratching his head.

Ozzie being adorable!

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Nice photos :D It must of took you forever to get them all in one shot. I noticed on Snickers back between his flight feathers he is all grey but on Spike he is all cream, except for a few grey feathers close to his tail :)

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FIDS = Feathered Kids

love those pics!!!... sooo cute!!! ok, seriously can i have them??

that first pics of Snikers is too cute!! can I save it for my desktop?

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I wanna steal Snickers and Cookie. Lol.

They're so bloody adorable. :p
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