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Afraid Of Hands

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Hiii. I’ve had my tiel for about 3 months. So, I’m new to the cockatiel community! My cockatiel loves to go on my hair, loves to bite my hair tie, and loves me scratching her head whenever she’s tired. However, every time I try to hold her or scratch her head(when she’s being energetic) she walks/flies away. If someone in my household does manage to hold her, she starts biting and screaming. What can I do to fix this? It seems like my tiel is afraid of hands.
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Welcome to the forums!

You can try using some millet. Its long, so he doesn't have to go too close to your hand to eat it. The first step is getting him to eat from your hand. And then, after that, you can start introducing your hand a little bit closer to him, while feeding him the millet. When he doesn't run away when he sees your hand, you can put your hand a few inches in front of him, while still being at a safe distance away, and put the millet in front of your hand to lure him to step onto your hand.

Also, remember to take the training at his pace, and don't force him to do anything.
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