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The eternal question of to clip or not to clip?
-Let me start by saying that up until now I have not believed in clipping birds, as I believe flying helps birds be happier and healthier.
I am looking for advise by a more experienced trainer on whether this would temporarily help- step back to step forward.

My husband and I have two 1.5 year old fully flighted budgies. :blue pied::lutino linnie:
We added a cockatiel to our family 8 months ago, a little baby named Beaker. :pied:
He has since molted and is fully flighted. He loves flying around but sometimes chases the budgies around the room or off toys. The budgies have become much more skittish and seem to have little interest in interaction with us any more.
That being said, all three of them do occasionally occupy the same space peacefully, but one budgie in particular seems always on edge.

Training: Beaker was pretty easy to get to step up and seemed pretty hand tame right away. He loves to be on shoulders though.
I have taken a lot of time to research training and have done target training with Beaker and another budgie. (Other is thoroughly uninterested). Beaker has gotten rather aggressive with it though, throwing a little tantrum when I hide the treat away.
I sing to him and talk to him; we play Peek-a-Boo. My husband doesn't target train or do Peek-a-Boo, but sings and talks to him. Beaker has become quit the chatterbox!

Current Situation:
For the last few weeks/ a month, Beaker has begun being aggressive to only me. He will come to me when he is just wandering about, but when I approach him he clings to my husband and behaves aggressively. I am concerned now because it is to the point that even when my husband is not home, Beaker just flies away and I cannot get him in the cage.
I really understand that patience and repetition are key- and I got through it with the budgies. However, Beaker and I are not getting past it with me... and does not behave like this to my husband at all.

It is really frustrating that I take so much time to research training, games, and bonding activities, but am "rewarded" with aggression. I am starting to feel quite dejected.

I have been reading that some people feel clipping can help calm a bird down and improve the training process.
I have also heard that if birds do not come off shoulders easily, they should not be allowed on them.

Sorry for writing a small novella here...but I really would appreciate experienced advice.
Is it worth trying to clip and train more regimented from both my husband and I? My husband really doesn't like the idea, but sees my frustration so has agreed to try if I want to. Neither of us want it as a permanent solution however. Has anyone had any luck "Stepping back" to jump forward with your bird?
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