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Hi, I'm new here. Up until yesterday we had a pair of cockatiels, one Male one female. The Male died yesterday. I now have one two year old female and I dont know what is best for her future. She has always been the less friendly of the two but will happily perch on your hand for a few seconds. We do not want another cockatiel as we feel we made mistakes and didnt react quickly enough when one fell sick. I now feel we lack the knowledge on birds, although we do love them a lot. I still feel very guilty and grief stricken today so it's still very raw. I dont want his girl to spend the rest of her life alone. Yes, we can give her attention but we are often out all day for work which wasnt so much an issue when she had her little friend. Is it kinder to give her away to a person who is in the same position? I'm assuming there must be other cockatiels out there who need a friend. Is it best to let her grieve for a while before making any changes? Any advice would be gratefully received.
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