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Hey all. Need some advice.
Here's the deal. Our Tiel Rudi began laying eggs in December 2018 and January 2019. It was the first time so I didn't keep track of it but I know it was around 8-10 eggs for the two months.
Then, in April 2019 she laid 4 eggs, May 3 eggs and then none until December of 2019 when she started up again like the previous year. December she had 7 and then January of this year 6 more and so far this month 3.

Is this considered excessive or chronic? I know this can be bad for the bird. I lost a Parakeet early due to too many eggs.

Do I need to see a vet? I am trying to avoid this because I know its going to be costly and time consuming. The closest avian vet is 30 minutes away.( Fun Fact: my previous vet was Dr Theilen form NatGeo channel!) Physically she seems fine. She eats and drinks normally and eats a good amount of veggies that my wife cuts up for her.

I have read and re-read the sticky here on the Board about egg laying. We have tried putting her in the dark, moving the cage, changing the cage etc...nothing seems to affect her behavior. It also seems that this is totally out of "season" laying eggs in the winter time.

So thats about it...

Thanks in advance..

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