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Hi I’m new and I have lots of question on how I should introduce cockatiels together.
I currently have one cockatiel named Sushi. She turned one in October and I know she gets lonely when I’m gone so I wanna get her a friend. I won’t be getting her a new friend until summer time so anywhere around (June-august). I just wanna do my research already. What I would want is get a male cockatiel. I read that getting a young male could make my girl frustrated and aggressive so I thought I’ll look for an older male. I know there are breeding concerns and I have some experience with breeding parakeets but obviously I’m gonna try to avoid breeding. I’m just not sure if that’s the right move what are the pros & cons? Or should I just get her a female friend? I guess my question is what cockatiel gender would be best? Please tell me the dos and don’ts
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