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Hi everyone!

Currently a Linnie (~12 weeks old) owner :)
I love him to pieces, but I’d also like him to have a feathered friend of some sort.

My original plan was to get him another Linnie buddy, but that may be a few months out with breeding availability.

Ideally, I’d like to get him a buddy sooner than later, so that they are both young for introductions.

I was always going to add a cockatiel as a third bird down the road…but is there a reason why it couldn’t come first?

Some details about my setup before we get too far:
  • They would be caged separately, but near each other.
  • Flight cage setup with natural perches, shredding toys, etc.
  • Fed a good diet of pellets, veggies, sprouts and seed mix.
  • Daily out of cage time for several hours (I work from home).
  • Proper veterinary care from an Avian specialist
Linnies don’t care much for dust, so I already have a whole room HEPA filter in place.

Ideally I’d have them out separately and then together, but I am curious what everyone’s take is on this? “On paper” they should be amicable with each other since they are typically both gentle species. I know that every bird is different and they may hate each other, but the odds seem like they are in my favor?

I also like the idea of different species so that they have a “friend” without becoming very strongly bonded to each other and forgetting about me :)

My Linnie is a Velcro bird today, so ideally I’d like it if they both wouldn’t mind hanging out on me, but I feel like they could “play” together when out or talk to each other when they are having cage time?
If not play, at the very least self-entertain/preen near each other.

I would plan to let the cockatiel be flighted after his initial molt, same as my Linnie.

I have a preference for a male for the vocalizations, and the lack of any egg laying drama.

Any gotcha’s with introductions of a baby cockatiel (8-9 weeks) to an existing Linnie?
I would take it slow and let them get to know each other “through the bars” so-to-speak.
I’m also aware of quarantine procedures, but I plan to mitigate that by using the same breeder that I got my Linnie from (closed aviary) and having a disease panel run on the cockatiel before he shows up.

Looking forward to feedback!
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