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Hello! I’m Jenny, I’ve been inactive for a very long time but I’m finally back in the parrot gig! I used to admin the sister site, the Linnie Forum way back in the late 00s and when that went dark I disappeared from parrot forums.

It’s been quite the eventful 10 or so years. Moved across the country, got married, had 2 kids. My parrots have passed on from old age and illness & the house was far too quiet. I had a cockatiel, 2 lineolated parakeets, 2 parrotlets, and a severe macaw and worked in a parrot specialty shop hand raising, grooming, and selling parrots before things went dark, we moved, and now I’m a full time stay at home mom.

This year I finally convinced my husband to break the ice and “allow” parrots back in our lives! Boy, the parrot scene in Washington is different than in Florida! Sticker shock caught me off guard for sure, finding a reputable breeder was really hard too. Several months of looking & a bit of heartbreak (our first choice of baby developed neurological issues we are not equipped to handle) and we finally have a little tiel of our own.

Now that I’ve written my life story, here’s the part everyone really wants - pictures of the newbie! Meet Regimental Sergeant Zippo, Zippo for short :) we’re big Elton John fans & the kids helped me pick a gender neutral name for the baby, they immediately chose Zippo from the list! Unknown gender, approx 2.5 months old albino baby.

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