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Hi there! I am new to the group but have owned 'Tiels for 25 years :)
My older female, Goldie, is about 25 years old and she is a DEAR. But she isn't as nimble as she used to be and has trouble reaching all of her quills when she preens. In the last year, she has been leaving quills un-preened on her backside more often. They dry up and get really hard and they poke her. They suck. Sometimes, they fall off by themselves. Sometimes they don't. When I pet her or help her preen a little in the hard to reach places, I touch one and she squawks in discomfort. Sometimes I pull one out accidentally and it comes off rather easily. Do these dried up quills leave healthy follicles that will grow new feathers? Should we be worried? Can we help her more? There are so many more than usual these days. Just want to be sure we do the right thing and not start unhealthy plucking behavior. Thanks so much!
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