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A new way of travelling...

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...for the Doobster. Today, he was out playing and particularly grumpy as in "If you put your hand near me again, I'm going to shred it!" grumpy, so, I told him that I was going downstairs to do the dishes, I swear he knows what I mean, because then he'll step up with no bother because if he doesn't he gets left behind upstairs. Anyway, he stepped up, we went downstairs and I put him on the floor to play whilst I tidied up etc. etc. He was running around the floor in the kitchen, then he went into the lounge and was walking around in there whilst I vacuumed, then he must have had enough, because he jumped up onto my foot and I spent the rest of the time, walking around with Dooby on my foot!!! We even made a coffee and went back upstairs, still with him on my foot, I had to go up the stairs one at a time in case he fell off. :p:p Next time he does that, I'll make sure I have the camera handy and show you the pics.
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LOL!! He must have thought you were never going to pick him up, so he hitched a ride on your foot! :D LOL!! :lol:

Make sure you have the camera ready next time! :) If there ever is a next time! :p
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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